Upcoming Events:

Team meetings –
Regular team meetings will be held in CHS Maker shops (AKA the CHS woodshop) every Wednesday and Saturday. Sub-team meetings and/or other group sessions are scheduled as needed. 
Team Appearances –

Sunday, September 23rd – Team will be representing FIRST Robotics at the World Maker Faire demoing our robot and talking to the community about FIRST.  Here is a link.  Don I have been going for a couple years now.

September 30th – Hudson Valley Rally is an informal competition on the field that was used for the competition with about 20 teams. 

FRC Competition:

Past Events: 

January 21st, FIRST FTC Competition – Riverside High School Regional FTC Competition – Robot is put to the test. More info here.

January 7th, FIRST FRC Kickoff – New Rochelle High School – Robot building will commence

Kids Day: December 4th The CHS kids day event where we interact with the youth of the community and expose them to engineering.

Global Foundries Grant Event

During this event we received our grant from Global Foundries

You can view pictures from this event here

November 5th, Saturday TECH Valley Robot Rumble  – Balston Spa High School (Balston, NY) – Different teams will practice together for one last time in the season – 2hrs away $200 to register

Sunday October 29th, Trunk or Treat

For more information, you can see the flier here.

Sunday, June 5th- The Hudson Valley Rally

Sunday, June 11th – GlobalFoundries Family Day Tuesday, August 30th

CHS Freshman Orientation– Robotics Club Booth Saturday.

September 10th – FTC Kick Off (Pace PLV Campus)

Thank you for your patience!