About the Team:

We are the Bad News Gears, FRC Team #5943

What is FIRST?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology - www.firstinspires.org) is an organization whose mission for the past 30 years has been to encourage high school students in the science and technology fields. The primary objective of FIRST is to empower kids to reach their full potential by making hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs more widely available to students across the country as well as throughout the world.

Our schools in Carmel New York and now across most of Putnam County, encourage students in grades K-12 to pursue their passion and dedication to the STEM curriculum. FIRST builds powerful mentorship relationships between young people and STEM professionals, helping kids gain confidence to explore the innovation process while they learn valuable skills.

The Beginning

We began competing in both the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC). During 2015- 2016, our rookie year, we began competing in FRC competitions. This year we won the Rookie Inspiration Award during the New York Tech Valley Competition. This is awarded to a rookie team's outstanding success in both advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school, as well as in their community.

The Future is Endless

This past year, we participated in two Regional International Competitions, one at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and at the other at Hudson Valley Regional. At the Hudson Valley Regional Competition, we competed against about 60 national and international high school FIRST Robotics teams. The Carmel Robotics Team placed in the top 20. At this event there were over 150 volunteers who helped to make such a big event possible. Our coach and mentor received the Volunteer of the Year of Award for her work as the volunteer coordinator of the entire event as well as her work as a Planning Committee Member. Because of her success at this event she was asked by FIRST to be a volunteer coordinator at the International Championship in We are a FIRST Robotics Competition Team, Team number 5943, “The Bad News Gears”, from Carmel High School located in Carmel, NY. We design and build competition robots. The robots that we build are about 120 lbs and can drive approximately 18 feet per second, running on a motorcycle battery. We travel across New York and soon across the country competing in FIRST robotics competitions. We are a team of about 25 high school students who work with teachers, mentors, and engineers throughout the year to build and learn valuable long-term skills in the science and technology fields.

Our Community Outreach

We also strongly believe in the community benefits of FIRST Robotics program. Our team has volunteered and conducted community outreach events for the past 10 years. During the "off-season", which is when we are not competing or building the robot, we undertake in scheduled appearances with our robot at our sponsors locations and at various events in the local community and allow both our sponsors and the public to drive our robot. This past summer, we were honored to present our robot at Terrificon, Connecticut's number one comic con. At this event we were able to present our robot 'Montagne' to around 20,000 guests over the course of the three-day event. Here we were able to also provide many STEM activities for children and their families. Throughout our local and surrounding communities our team does many outreach programs, where all of our sponsors will be represented as we proudly wear our custom t-shirts with all our sponsors logos and names.

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